One 60 minute session


Got something on your mind? Need a mini mindset makeover? Gorgeous, this is the call for you.

We will work through whatever is on your mind and weighing heavy on your heart.

Three 60 minute sessions


Got something a little more unwieldy going on that can’t be handled in one session?

Let’s break it up into small, manageable chunks. How do you eat a whale? One bite at a time. Let’s go eat that whale!*


* Not literally, that’s probably illegal


Don’t have an hour in your day?

30 minute sessions 

available on request 



90 Minute Goal Strategizing Session


Got a zillion goals, so much inspiration, and no idea where to start?

Do you have trouble putting your ideas into motion, or procrastinate, even for things that you're super passionate about? Let's make an action plan for up to 5 goals. We will identify what you want most, how to make it realistic, and the steps you will take to reach your goal.








Six Weeks of Coaching


One call a week for 6 weeks to make BIG changes in your life! This is where the magic happens!! Unlimited support via messenger. We will dive into:

  • Defining what your dream life looks like and making a concrete plan on how to get there

  • Your limiting beliefs

  • Cultivating your daily routine (or lack thereof!)

  • Goal setting, boundary setting, and why both are important

  • How to make your efforts work FOR you

  • Creating harmony between mind, body, and heart

  • Developing simple strategies customized to your lifestyle

  • Why balance is so important and how to have it

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