Procrastination and the Pursuit of Perfection

You aren't lazy, you just want to be perfect (and how to overcome this)

It's a classic story: girl is amazing at imagining her dream life and plans how to take over the world, comes up with plans for how to achieve what she wants, fool-proofs those plans, and when it is time to act she says, "Nah, I'll do that tomorrow," and begins a Netflix binge for the third time this week. Has this ever been you?

Most times, the problem isn't Netflix, or your lack of motivation, or any of that BS you've been beating yourself up about since you were supposed to write that blog post or reach out to your dream client to follow up about a package you were discussing. It's fear.

It doesn't always feel like fear. Subconsciously, we come up with things we would rather do than make steps to get where we want to be because we fear that maybe we aren't good enough to be there. We fear that we will be judged for something that we are passionate about. We fear that our work may not be perfect and that we might be criticized. And it is a vicious cycle: you plan, don't do, beat yourself up (which brings your confidence down even more), get inspired, plan some more, go to act again, clean the house/scroll mindlessly on Facebook/binge watch every season of Parks and Rec on Netflix, and you're right back where you started, with nothing done and lots of wasted time. And why? Because you're scared of what people may think of your success or are comfortable playing small?

“We are so scared of being judged that we look for every excuse to procrastinate.” -Erica Jong

You know that thing you really want but have been putting off making moves to get?

Get over yourself and just DO THE THINGS. ✨✨


Most people won't notice. Most people won't care. Some people may criticize you but guess what, that is oftentimes more about them than it is you (that's a whole other post). Life isn't a quiz in school, there is no A+ on it and no right way to do things. Don't let your fear paralyze you, or you will never ever grow. You deserve the good stuff. You're strong and smart and capable and deserve to have amazing things in your life. But amazing things don't just HAPPEN to you. You have to do the work.

How? Take action when you're inspired. Even if you don't know what the eff you're doing. Even if it's going to be messy. Especially if it's messy, because that's where you learn.

What's the worst that is going to happen? Oh, you might hear the word "no"? That's okay, it's not like they can take away your birthday!

Last week I messaged a company I really wanted to work with. I had been stalking their website looking for affiliate info for days and they didn't have it. I told myself they just didn't have a program and I was crazy and I told my friends to buy the product anyways because I believed in it. Five people did. FIVE. That's five sales I missed commission on because I was scared. I'm not kicking myself though because I heard back almost instantly and I'm the newest affiliate.

It NEVER hurts to ask. What are you missing out on by not being brave?

The Be Productive Retreat is coming soon to my group with some big tips on how to stop procrastinating! Request access here.

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